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Shoma A. Chatterji

Shoma A. Chatterji is a veteran film journalist, reviewer, and the author of numerous books on cinema

Who is a prostitute, asks Pramita Bhowmik’s short film

Not many films deal with the sex worker vs housewife dynamic

The man who made only the films he wanted to

Until the end, Buddhadeb Dasgupta worked and lived on his own terms

Rammohan remembered: Sati and Antarjali Jatra

How an ancient social evil found expression in cinema

The Manik who never made it big on the big screen

This year marks the 113th birth anniversary of Manik Bandyopadhyay

Uttarpara archive celebrates 99 years of Mrinal Sen with unique tribute

The Mrinal Manjusha Museum will have a virtual launch this year

Notir Puja: Rabindranath Tagore’s Only Film Nears Century

Pujarini was recast in dramatic form as Notir Puja in 1926

Satyajit Ray, hunger, and Pather Panchali

It is in Pather Panchali that we see hunger at its starkest

Tangra Blues, the first ‘Bengali rap’ film

Rap arises from the heap of rubbish dumped in the slum called Tangra

Are Bengali OTT shows competitive at all?

What is the quality of OTT shows in general and Bengali shows in particular?

National Award for Gumnami reflects a distinct pattern

What is more important for a filmmaker, an award or box-office returns?

The Kolkata film festival nobody knows about

One of the very few festivals to successfully blend real and virtual

Mahishasura Mardini and the multi-layered world of Ranjan Ghosh

Young filmmaker Ranjan Ghosh is almost ready with his fourth feature film

From father to son, Bangla cinema is in safe hands of the Jalans

Gaurang’s father produced award-winning films by Tapan Sinha such as Safed Haathi, Aaj Ka Robin Hood, Harmonium and Anokha Moti