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Society / Science and Technology

April 03 2024

The man behind India’s first e-flying taxi—GetBengal story

Flying E-Taxis propel the nation to the forefront of global alternative transport systems

By Information Desk

March 04 2024

60-year-old mystery solved: Molecular model of heart discovered by Bengali ...

For the past 60 years, scientists across the globe have been researching the molecular formation of the heart

By Shuvra Dey

December 01 2023

WB Ham Radio club reunites lost father with son - GetBengal story

Ham radio is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together

By Information Desk

October 17 2023

Bengali techie makes it to Stanford's list of world's best scientists thric...

Professor Chakraborty has been researching advanced technologies on rural health systems for a long time

By Information Desk

October 11 2023

Anti-ragging kit developed by Bengali researchers to hit markets - GetBenga...

The location where the ragging is taking place will be pinpointed on the mobile itself

By Information Desk

September 13 2023

Band of four Bengali scientists bestowed with Bhatnagar Prize 2022 – GetB...

The winners include Debabrata Maiti, Anindya Das, Deepyaan Gangopadhyay and Basudev Dasgupta

By Information Desk

August 24 2023

Bengal small-town scientists played lead roles in Chandrayaan-3 mission

Anuj Nandi’s family members are residents of Islampur’s Ashrampara

By Information Desk

August 19 2023

Bengali scientists unravel the great ambiguity of Quantum mechanics - GetBe...

At a fundamental level, both radiation and matter have the characteristics of particles and waves

By Information Desk

July 20 2023

Stanford University calls Anjali Burman of Raniganj, the student who create...

EmaChat is a personal, secure and privacy-focused virtual room for romantic couples


June 13 2023

Chandannagar school boy invents ‘Spy’ shoes

Souvik wishes to pursue higher studies in science at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology

By Information Desk

June 12 2023

“Vintage Voyage” –the new gallery of Birla Industrial and Technologic...

The gallery has live demonstrations of how the technologies work

By Suranjana Mitra

May 24 2023

Bengali professor-researcher acclaimed as the best researcher in India as p...

He explained his view while illustrating the point from his own field of experiment

By Soumik Das

May 06 2023

9-year-old Aarush from Kolkata honoured by NASA as India’s youngest ‘Ci...

Aarush Naskar loves the stars, the sun and is very interested in knowing about them

By Information Desk

April 25 2023

NASA’s Bengali scientist discovers Black Hole’s magnetic reversal

Space is spectacular, continues to surprise people, and there are a lot of unanswered questions out there

By Information Desk

April 21 2023

What Bose proved 100 years ago, AI proves again – Plants produce sounds t...

Plants emit sounds that are similar to human speech but at ultrasonic frequencies

By Saheli Mitra

February 28 2023

The Calcutta trio who became enablers of the Raman Effect

National Science Day honours CV Raman’s Nobel-winning discovery

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

February 16 2023

Dr Purnima Sinha, the first female physicist from C.U., who did her PhD way...

Dr Purnima Sinha and how she broke shackles of patriarchy

By Information Desk

February 13 2023

100 years of radio in Kolkata, and we didn’t even notice!

February 13 is observed as World Radio Day

By Information Desk

January 04 2023

User-friendly Braille maps for visually impaired students brought by NATMO

AI is used for 3D embossing to get the final Braille Maps

By Information Desk

December 20 2022

The boy from Nadia who decides who is awarded the Nobel for Medicine

But here’s a lot more to Dr Asim K. Dutta Roy

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

December 07 2022

Bengali scientists nail down antibiotic-resistant ‘Superbugs’

Seven scientists including three Bengali researchers identified the superbug

By Information Desk

December 01 2022

First 3D Planetarium of India coming up in Howrah this December

This planetarium will be a booster to stargazers

By Information Desk

November 14 2022

Biresh Chandra Guha took India’s biochemistry research to new heights

He focused more on applying, than on just studying


November 11 2022

Bengali scientists discover shark fossil in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer becomes witness to the discovery of a Hybodont shark fossil

By Information Desk

November 09 2022

Jadavpur University scientists, part of ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3

Could Chandrayaan 3 keep up with the expectations?

By Information Desk

October 15 2022

Dr Shantanu Bhowmik transforms plastic wastes into utility products

Shantanu is not only a gifted scientist but he is also a painter amd an accomplished singer

By Information Desk

September 06 2022

From bioplastic to NASA, this Durgapur prodigy has been there, done that

At 17, Aparup Roy is already a star scientist

By Information Desk

August 10 2022

Bibha Chowdhury: A life spent in chasing cosmic rays

Chowdhury was the first woman particle physicist in India and, the first Indian woman to earn a Ph.D. in Physics

By Information Desk

July 21 2022

Nadia resident innovates Solar Bicycle

The average speed of the bicycle is 35 kilometers per hour

By Information Desk

January 24 2022

Sabyasachi Haldar’s 'Free Electron Wire' receives US patent

Haldar had acquired patents for his inventions from the US, Britain and China

By Information Desk

December 14 2021

Kolkata’s Neena Gupta wins Ramanujan Prize

Gupta is the third woman to receive this prestigious award

By Information Desk

December 04 2021

Kalna Scientist Arindam Modak features in world’s top scientist list

Arindam Modak's field of research is energy and environment

By Information Desk

December 03 2021

Alipurduar’s scientist Souvik Basu gets call from NASA to probe sun parti...

Basu been invited to work as a Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin company

By Information Desk

December 01 2021

Bengali scientist Uttirna Mukherjee joins mission to save International Spa...

Mukherjee and her colleagues are continuously advising the astronauts on board the ISS on how to avert disaster

By Information Desk

September 29 2021

Bengali scientists shine bright in India’s highest Science Award – Bhat...

Four from Bengal bag the Bhatnagar Award 2021

By Information Desk

September 23 2021

Class VI student of East Midnapore builds a ‘Lightning resistant Umbrella...

The youngster's discovery has prompted him to enter a national competition, the theme of which is "Science for Sustainable Living 2021"


September 15 2021

Burdwan boy gets prestigious US scholarship for research on growing rice in...

Akash Dutta is preparing to travel to the US to conduct research on how to genetically modify plants to generate more sustainable species

By Information Desk

August 16 2021

Bengali scientist invents unique biodegradable plastic that can even be eat...

A group of young scientists have created a plastic bag made of potato starch


July 08 2021

Why we remember Franz Kafka on Safe Drive Save Life Day

The Safe Drive Save Life campaign was launched in 2016

By Suvashish Moitra

May 22 2021

RKM teacher and scientist Swapan Ghosh invents plastic degrading microbes

The most startling of his inventions is the permanent and radical solution to the menace of plastic waste


May 07 2021

Indumadhab Mallick revolutionized the kitchen with the invention of ‘Icmi...

The cooker that transformed the lives of Indian ladies

By Information Desk

May 04 2021

Bengali immunologist gets top honour in USA for original research

Dr Sankar Ghosh among 120 newly elected members announced by the National Academy of Sciences

By Information Desk

April 30 2021

Kolkata Physicist makes path breaking Solar Particle Detector to detect Sun...

Path breaking discovery to help explore the myriad mysteries of the Sun

By Information Desk

April 16 2021

Prof Suman Chakraborty from Bengal gets prestigious Science Award

Chakraborty's contribution towards affordable healthcare

By Information Desk

March 16 2021

West Bengal's Hasimara Airbase to house IAF Rafale squadron

Rafale fighter jets are expected to arrive by mid-April

By Information Desk

February 04 2021

Why did Satyen Bose not get the Nobel Prize despite his pathbreaking resear...

Remembering the genius on his death anniversary

By Information Desk

December 11 2020

Bengali scientists get highest Infosys Awards

Scientists recognised for their contribution to Mathematics and Physics

By Information Desk

November 16 2020

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards 2020

Bengali scientists of IIT Kharagpur awarded

By Information Desk

October 13 2020

Father of Bengali sci-fi fiction Jagadananda Roy wrote in 1892, even before...

Travels to Venus was one of the earliest sci-fi book of Bengal


October 12 2020

India’s largest floating Solar Power Plant to be set up in Bengal

Sagardighi will have the solar power plant!

By Information Desk

September 28 2020

Six Bengali scientists win India’s Highest Science Award, Bhatnagar Puros...

Moment of pride for Bengal’s science community

By Information Desk

September 26 2020

Dr Sekhar Basu, leading nuclear scientist of India is no more!

Immense contribution to India’s nuclear submarine venture

By Information Desk

September 17 2020

New ‘Mesh’, developed by Dr Shantanu Sengupta and his team to ‘trap...

Infection detected in two-and-a-half minutes

By Information Desk

September 11 2020

Dr Kanak Saha and his team discovers one of the earliest galaxies in extrem...

Ending dark age of the Universe and finding light

By Information Desk

August 27 2020

Bengali architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya who built Jaipur, India’s first ...

He was chief architect in Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh’s court

By Information Desk

August 26 2020

Bengali scientist Anindya Bagchi makes a breakthrough in treating deadly pa...

CU alumnus Bagchi now heads the team at Sanford Institute of USA

By Information Desk

August 19 2020

P.C. Mukherjee, the Bengali archaeologist who discovered Kapilavastu defeat...

He had no formal education in archaeology but had a hunger

By Information Desk

August 13 2020

Harbingers of change in Bengal on Int’l Youth Day

Real life stories of real-life youths

By Information Desk

August 06 2020

P.N. Bose was first Indian geologist who found India’s vast iron-ore depo...

Leading to industrial revolution in the country

By Information Desk

August 06 2020

Biotechnologist from Kolkata part of NASA’s Mars Mission

The mission will investigate the ancient environment on Mars

By Information Desk

August 01 2020

25 years ago on 31st July, India’s first mobile call was made from Kolkat...

Chief Minister Jyoti Basu spoke on this call!

By Information Desk

July 28 2020

Bengali scientists of IIT Kgp develop portable low-cost COVID test kits

At only Rs 400, the results will be out in an hour!

By Information Desk

July 18 2020

Class X student of Bengal launches ‘Drishti App’ on google to counter C...

Drishti will help video calls and chat with 100 people at a time

By Information Desk

July 16 2020

Sumantra Chatterjee-- First Indian Neuroscientist to get prestigious EMBO h...

Global accolade for Bengali scientist’s path-breaking research

By Information Desk

June 11 2020

KUDOS! Students of Asansol Engineering college invent ‘touchless switches...

Will help in reducing spread of COVID-19 through surface touch

By Information Desk

February 05 2020

Blood tests at just Rs 10! IIT scientist Suman Chakraborty and team invents...

Hundreds of poor patients of rural India will be benefitted

By Information Desk

January 18 2020

Why is a moon’s crater named after illustrious Bengali scientist Sisir Ku...

Mitra will always be remembered for his path-breaking ionosphere study

By Information Desk