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Yajnaseni Chakraborty

Veteran journalist and writer

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Double Death: When Lalbazar's source network brought a vengeful housewife t...

Trapped in a joyless marriage, a wealthy housewife planned the ultimate revenge on her husband

With Kishore Bhimani and Pradip Ghosh, Kolkata loses two more gems

They belonged to different professions, but Bhimani and Ghosh also had a few things in common

Even before Scotland Yard, Calcutta had the world's first fingerprint burea...

A British Inspector General and two Bengali sub-inspectors will forever be remembered as the pioneers who established fingerprinting as a science

Serial horror, Bengal's Chainman killer

An account of the serial killer known as Chainman, who terrorised women in two Bengal districts for six years

A group of citizens fight to retain and revive Kolkata's beloved trams

Trams are among the very few non-polluting modes of public transport in the world

When a cigarette butt helped nail a murderer

Who had killed a wealthy Kolkata businessman, but smoked a cigarette before doing it?

A fruit from Mexico is changing lives in Bengal

An exotic fruit from Central America is helping farmers earn a handsome profit in many parts of the state

How Kolkata Police got its Detective Department

Nearly 150 years ago, the murder of a young woman gave Kolkata, and India, their first specialised crime fighting unit

Sharbari Dutta, the woman who made Indian menswear fashionable

From Sachin Tendulkar to M.F. Husain, Sharbari Dutta made Indian men look good

Why September is the month to celebrate Chuni Goswami

Way back in 1962, an Indian team led by a young Bengali pulled off a miracle

Celebrating Tutu-Bhutu, and the genius of Dhiren Bal

Beloved Bengali children's classic 'Tutu-Bhutu' turned 60 recently

From ‘Rosuner Payesh’ to ‘Ilisher Ullash’, lost recipes find a new ...

Two Kolkatans have embarked on a culinary and cultural journey to archive and popularise lost and rare recipes

Unreleased Uttam, the films that weren’t meant to be

Unreleased Uttam, the films we never saw

Pranab Mukherjee is no more

The son of Bengal who held India's highest office

Bhanu Bandyopadhyay, the comic genius wanted by police!

Born on this day exactly a century ago, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay was much more than just a comedic legend

Online concerts: Here to stay?

The Covid crisis has forced performing artistes to devise ways to get their art across to audiences online, but are we ready for it yet?

The man who wrote down Bengal's first ghost stories, in English!

The Rev. Lal Behari Dey was a preacher and professor. But he was also a boy who never forgot the stories heard in childhood

Rewriting history: how the East India Company is still in business

Once responsible for furthering Britain's colonising dreams, the East India Company was dissolved in 1874. Or so we thought.

How a rugby trophy was named after the City of Joy

Rugby may not be a sport familiar to Indians, but one of its most venerable trophies ought to be

Khudiram Bose, the boy who wasn’t supposed to be there

Hanged for the attempted assassination of Douglas Kingsford, Khudiram Bose was not even part of the original mission

The earliest Bengali prose in print, with a touch of Portugal

Way back in the 17th century, the Portuguese became the first people to print Bangla prose. Here’s how

Remembering the pioneers of Bangla television

In DD Bangla’s 45th year, some of Bangla television’s best known faces re-visit the day it all began

The men who made way for Bengali women in sports

The names of Nilmoni Das and Janki Das may be forgotten today, yet they played a critical role in drawing Bengali women to the sporting arena

When Japan bombed Kolkata, and Nagasaki became an ‘accidental victim’

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were part of the Allied plan to make Japan suffer for its attack on Allied territories in Asia

Tollywood’s pioneering ‘American’ connection!

Long before Bollywood was even thought of, Hollywood came to India via Tollywood. How? Read on to find out

Date with Death: Bengali millionaire Steve Banerjee and his doomed American...

Revisiting the life of entrepreneur Steve Banerjee, perhaps the most infamous Bengali immigrant in the United States

Childless by choice, a growing movement

On International Childfree Day, we explore the Kolkata connection

How Nawab Wajid Ali Shah brought Lucknow to Kolkata

On Wajid Ali Shah's 199th birthday, we revisit his shadow kingdom