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Society / Personality

January 15 2021

Are Bengalis 'Army Shy?'

Army veterans give their views on the perception


January 14 2021

Decorated war hero of the Indo-China War 1962

Maj Gen Bejoy Mohan Bhattacharjea who led the force

By Information Desk

January 05 2021

Deviprasad Roychowdhury: The Maverick Sculptor of the Twentieth century

An artist immortalized through Gandhiji’s “Dandi March” sculpture


December 03 2020

Khudiram Bose, a name that still defines martyrdom

On his 132nd birthday, a tribute to the boy who fired a nation’s imagination

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

October 03 2020

Kolkata’s teacher puts Bengal on international beauty pageant map as Mrs ...

Suparna Mukherjee is the beauty with brains

By Information Desk

September 27 2020

Rammohan Roy -- visionary who cleansed atrocious Hindu customs against wome...

From stopping Sati to supporting female education

By Information Desk

September 05 2020

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. Tribute to Mother...

Loving and caring soul that is still alive

By Information Desk

September 04 2020

Birbhum’s Mirati will no more have Pranab Mukherjee during Durga Puja thi...

He who believed Bengal is an assimilation of cultures

By Information Desk

September 01 2020

Pranab Mukherjee is no more

The son of Bengal who held India's highest office

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

May 11 2020

On Mother’s Day, freedom fighter Dinesh Gupta’s last letter to his moth...

What did he write and why did he write a letter to his mother?

By Information Desk

February 23 2020

Krishna Bose is no more! Bengal loses an erudite academician and ex-parliam...

Married to Sisir Bose, she kept Netaji’s legacy alive

By Information Desk